Cat - Small Bumps/Scabs on nose

Hi, my cat Nica has been developing unusual bumps on her nose, that crust over and fall off or are scratched off, usually taking the hair with it (see picture attached). The skin underneath is a pinkish color, sometimes it looks like there is a speck of blood, but when I put a tissue to the lesion I rarely get anything on the tissue. These crusty bumps do not seem to be occurring elsewhere (not on the lips, chin, ears, etc). The one time I found a soft bump that was not crusted over, a whitish pus, almost like a pimple came out. I've looked everywhere, but this doesn't seem to be what I thought it was: ringworm or acne.

I recently started to allow her access to the outside screened in patio. Could this be a sun allergy? Or possible allergy to plants outside?

In the meantime I've been keeping the area clean with some puppy/kitty wipes from PetSmart in hopes that it will help.

Any suggestions as to what this might be and how I can control it? She doesn't seem to mind them, but I would imagine it's uncomfortable.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Boca Raton, Florida
It could be all of the things you suggest. Why do you not think it is ringworm or acne?

To me it CAN be those things....and as you may know ringworm is fairly common and very contageous especially to kids.

It can also be;
a skin infection
a skin allergy

Many of these conditions require inexpensive antibiotics. A vet needs to examine this cat and prescribe treatment.

I was thinking that because the lesions were so small, it wouldn't be ringworm; and since acne typically appears on the chin instead of the nose, it wouldn't be that either. But I'll take her in and see what the vet says.

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