Cat not being able to poop & Vomiting

Okays He is my long ramble.

I have 2 cats one female Kala 13 years old & one Male he is 3 years old he wil be 4 this year. The Male's name is CJ

Okays anyways 6 days ago CJ was vomiting & I caught him vomiting up a rubber band which I took & threw in the garbage. After that he kept on vomiting he would eat & then throw up on the 4th day it got so bad that he was vomiting water up. I also had givin him his treat which is wet cat food & he threw that up it was liquidly..i almost missed it on the carpet as it blends in same color light brown. Anyways on the Friday of last week May 20 2005 I decided to take him in after he threw up again it was greenish. I called emergency & they said to bring him in as it was bile he threw up. Now this is outta character fer him as he never has eaten a rubberband ever nor any weird thing like this. His sister Kala who is 13 never eats anything weird she knows better she has on ocassion played with paperclips but Ive taken them away from her.

Anyways we got to the emergency & they took xrays & found out he is stopped up with poop. I know he had been going pee but not poopin. Anyways they gave him an IV as he was dehydrated. He still wants to eat but he eats & then vomits same with the water vomits it up & still no poopin. They did a barum study to see if he has a blockage & still nothing they said there is some barum sitting in his stomach. They did try to give him an enuma no such luck in cleaning him out.
Today is May 23, 2005 & last nite May 22 the doctor said we should operate on his stomach as they think he may have a blockage but nothing is showing up on xrays. Last nite I decided to do the operation its $1500.00 but I came down in person to see if before surgery to tell them the doctror said he was at the end of his shift & was going to go home but did stay anyways to perform the surgery. They called me back 2 hours later & said they couldnt do the surgery as he stopped breathing but they got him back. Without having food he was not strong enuff for surgery. That nite early he did have a temperature but having antibotics it helped bring it down.
He still really hasnt pooped & his tummy is sore & hurts. He is too young for this. They today have done some additional blood tests to see exactly whats going on. Its 8:22pm on May 23 2005 & im still awaiting to hear back if he needs surgery now or not or if he is strong enuff or not. Has anyone had this happen to there cat?
He is a bit overweight but in general a very happy cat & putting him down is not an opnion at all I would like to have him well so he can come back home. He is still at the vet's. Anyone have an suggestions on what this could be>?
I cant have children of my own so these are my kids, Ive been very stressed out I suffer from asthma & well I had an attack last nite & only sleep 10 or so hours in the last 4 days & im not really eating as im wooried about CJ (my little boy) & his sister (grandma) is also I noticed not happy she sleeps alot & seems depressed she misses him even though they do fight. She still loves him,
Any thoughts?

So sorry about your baby!! I have a cat that had a very similar experience, except we never found out why. She never vomited anything up for us to find like a rubberband, and she didn't have the impacted bowel either, but she kept vomiting. They did a barium also and showed remaining barium in the esophagus when it should have been long gone. they also did an endoscopy and it too showed nothing.

It wa one of those frustrating situations where all test results were normal, but the poor animal was definitely NOT normal!!!

In the end, they were at a loss for what to do , so they treated her on spec with some antibiotics and she just got better. (thank god!!)

wishing you the same, your baby back home with you soon.
Trust in your vet and we are crossin' paw' s here for a great final report.
I'm so sorry for you and your furbaby. I really do hope that all goes well and he pulls through.

I've never experienced this myself, but it sounds like a blockage since the barium stayed in the stomach.

Please do keep us updated.
Best wishes for you and the kitty! I haven't had cats for a long time, but my coyote once ate some carpet padding and got a severe blockage. We caught it pretty quick since I was pretty sure that the missing chunk of carpet padding was in her stomach. She spent a couple of days in the hospital where they gave her cod liver oil I think to get the stuff to pass. The vet had warned us that if she didn't pass it on her own, it would require surgery. She passed the stuff herself thank god, so no surgery. It definitely sounds like your kitty has some kind of blockage going on. My thoughts will be with you and your kitty!
Update on CJ
Still vomiting & Ive had to confine him in the living room..I bought a medium dog excerise pen (its installed inside in our dining room) & covered the top with sheets so he thinks there is no way to jump out. He has his own kitty box in there and a nice fuzzy warm blanket, I put down a plastic drop sheet (black) to cover the carpet & newspaper as well he vomits alot. We have since been back to the regular vet & & update on this he did eat a wee bit of food after he had a xray which showed barum stuck in his colon he never pooped it up. He got an enema which helped him out (he did a big poop) he was sent home with medicine to get him to eat he ate a bit of food that nite & he also got new medicine fer his rhino (his sneezing) which went away on its own. The nite he came home he has food & then I was woken up with him puking again on our bed a huge amount too..he puked at 4am & then 8am after that no food no water puking all weekend. On sunday I took him to another vet to get fluids into him as I didnt want him dehydrated. He hasnt pee'd to much just vomit & vomit ..
Last Nite Sunday he vomited up another plastic piece I dont know if it was in his stomach or he ate it unknown. I have it fer the doctor to look at. He got more fluids on Monday morning at another vet our regular one. And was sent for an Ultrasound. Awaiting results for Tommorw mornin will keep everyone upto date on his situation.
I think we are up to $2000.00 now on him but well worth it. I just feel bad last nite he got grumpy & tried to bite me..I think he is tired of being sick.
Just tonight like 20 mins ago he Vomited again brown stuff I think bile. Tommorw morning we will know whats happening. Well at least today he did pee. He only has vomited so far since this morning twice. And pee'd once its better than 12-15 times in one nite.
I've told a few clincs about this website so maybe some nurses will check it out.
Poor CJ 3 1/2 years old & being so sick

Will keep everyone up to date
He did vomit last nite a rubber thing so will see if he is throwing up anything else? I dont know what the hec he ate.
My husband was really surprized it came outta his throat though its as big as a quarter
& thickness was 4 quarters thick put together. stacked.
My poor boy :(

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