Small bumps on Shih-Tzu's back


I have a 6 year old male (overweight) Shih-Tzu dog. I've noticed recently when I feel his back, he has these small bumps. When I inspect closer, they are brown moist flakes. I've tried to remove them by hand, but I'm wondering... Should I be concerned? I've been using a gentle oatmeal shampoo so i don't think it's the shampoo that's causing this.

Hi There,

Could it be that there are bits of oatmeal in the shampoo bottle

Or could it be that the dog has a bit of dandruff and the shampoo is colouring the flakes brown.

What colour is the shampoo anyway

does this make sense to you.

What kind of food is he eatting? These problems sound like he may be eatting the wrong kibble. He's overweight, has dandruff and skin problems. You may want to speak to your vet about what kind of food he should be on.

Secondly, how often do you wash your dog? You could be over washing him, cause his skin to blister.
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