Kitten with cloudy eyes

My neighbor has a 2-month-old kitten in apparent good health except for cloudy eyes. The eyes are not runny or purulent; they just have an even cloudy film over both eyes. The pupil is visible but only barely. The kitten seems unaffected by this. It has a littermate and both run around as if nothing is wrong. I assume the neighbor is aware of this cat's eye problems but I have not spoken to him about it. What could the problem be? Could it be the nictitating membrane failing to retract? Is there such a condition? The condition resembles cataract, but the cat is very young. Suggestions appreciated.
Dont know if this would be relevant to kitty's problem, but......

My cat had cloudy eyes and was diagnosed with glaucoma.....he was much older though 14yrs. Dont know if glaucoma occurs in kittens
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did a google search and it came up with this...

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"Also, do not delay in bringing your cat to the hospital for initial examination as some causes of a cloudy eye may result in a loss of vision within a very short period of time." By: Dr. Noelle McNabb

has it improved at all since you posted?
I believe...but don't quote me...that pets and their people..can have cataracts at any is usually an age related thing but there are always exceptions to rules, my dog jake developed cataracts about 4/5 years...fairly young still.
I'm not an expert, but a young cat/kitten with cloudy eyes should be seen by a vet asap. My 10-month old kitty developed an eye problem last night, with cloudiness and light sensitivity, and my vet's office rearranged several appointments to get my kitty in first thing this morning. They were focused and concerned. Good luck to you.
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