Need advice - Dog scared to come in house

Hi everyone....I am hoping someone out there might have any suggestions for me!
My dog is a 6 year old female Lab/Doberman that my husband and I adopted from the Victoria pound 5 years ago.
We have been living in Calgary for two years now and I have noticed that in the summer my dog acts very strange....the problem is that this summer her behaviour is more pronounced and odd.
When we are away at work, my dog will lay at the door at the bottom of our stairs (that leads to my landlord's place) wanting to escape. When I get home, she will try to bolt out of the house to go lay in the yard behind a tree! To get her back in the house, I have to put her Gentle Leader and leash on and try to pull/lift/push her into the house (which is hard to move 90lbs of dead weight!)
She acts miserable in the house and we can only attribute it to her being scared of doors slamming in the house due to a cross-breeze when the windows are open. Even though we have remedied this, she still is terrified and spooky.
I don't want to sound like a crazy woman by taking her to the vet...I took her last year (she just wanted downstairs to my landlord's at that time) and they put her on a course of antibiotics for no reason.
My landlord does let her downstairs when we are not home and she does get along with his 3 year old Border Collie/Lab. However, he has been travelling for work the majority of the past 4 months and has not been home....
Help? Anyone?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Our dog is a loving, intelligent girl and I just want her back!
Thank you!
It sounds like she still isn't associating being in the house as being a good thing. She might still be scared of the doors slamming.
Have you tried praising her like crazy when she comes in the house and giving her a treat, and also praising/'treating anytime she gets near a door in the house?
Thank you for your reply!
We do praise her but I think I'll have to step it up a notch and pull out the treats....I'll give it a try and keep you posted!
Has she always acted this way? Or is this just the more recent house? Does she act afraid of other things? How do you respond to her fear and what have you tried so far? You say that this summer her behavior is more pronounced and odd. Was she afraid before this summer? For how long? What does she do when she's afraid, how does she look...her body language when she's terrified?
when she goes outside put a trail of treats leading inside the house then when she's inside praise her lots and lots, dont close the door and if she does runs out again do the same thing until she stays in and dosent run out, when she's indoors give her treats and praise her alot, good luck!
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