Can an Older Dog Adapt Well to Rear Leg Amputation?

Our 9 year old brussels griffon Lucy has a small malignant tumor on the back of one of her rear legs near the knee joint. We'll be getting an opinion from a surgeon later today about whether they can get it all out or whether she'll need to lose the leg. We've already heard that it could be a concern considering the location that they'll get all the marginal cancerous cells and keep the joint intact.
So assuming they recommend amputation, the decision we'll have to make is whether we just have them take out everything they can and she has maybe a good active couple years with all legs intact before the cancer spreads too much. Or agree to the amputation, and hope she adapts well and lives out her normal lifespan, which I hope would be another 5-6 years.
As for the amputation, my concern is how well she will adapt at this age. Obviously the younger the easier it would be, but how do older dogs cope? She is in excellent physical condition otherwise.
She's very active, loves to fetch a tennis ball and run around.
Also, is there a difference in adapation if it's a front or rear leg? Is one easier than the other?
Thank you!! in advance for any feedback from people who can offer any stories of similar experience or advice!
Three legged dogs & cats are very common & they do just fine. Matter of fact I have seen some 2 legged ones as well.
You are in luck in that it does seem easier for them if it is a back leg rather than the front & I'm sure she will still run & play normally. If there should be any problems with her ability to move around there are many brands of wheel chairs or carts for dogs. Deweys wheel chairs is my favorite.
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